Recruitment of Group Members

We are recruiting people to be involved in our activities. We will disseminate the annual report, which documents our activities, and publish the events, exhibitions, and exchanges, which our members can participate in. Please contact us for more detailed information on membership subscription.

  Regular Member
Regular Member
(company, organization)
Supporting Member (individual) Supporting Member
(company, organization)
Subscription Cost| 10,000 Yen 10,000 Yen None None
Annual Fee| 12,000 Yen 36,000 Yen *10,000 Yen *30,000 Yen

*These are the minimum contributions. We may request more than a single contribution depending on participation.

How to Become a Member

Please download the Japan Cultural Research Institute Membership Application Form, fill in the details, and fax or mail it to us. We will contact you shortly.

1. Download the Japan Cultural Reseasrch Institute Membership Application Form

2. Please send us the application form by fax, e-mail address or mail

The Japan Cultural Research Institute
Fax|03 3433 1383
Address|1-15-1, Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022

Requests for Donations

We request donations to help us with conducting the activities outlined above. For those wishing to be involved in, and support, the Institute’s activities, please contact us.