Anthology on Archives

Anthology on Archives

Shigeru Yokota

Archives: Thinking from the Perspective of "Corporations and Art" - Acquiring and Complementing
Zempachi Hashimoto

Contemporary Art and Archival Materials
Yohko Watanabe

Expectations and Perilous Temptations for Archives
Tomio Sugaya

Toward the Construction of the Yutaka Matsuzawa Archive
Yoshiko Shimada

Toward the Construction of "The Museum of Modern Art, Kanagawa Archive
Harumi Nishizawa

Archives Where Narratives Emerge: the Practice of "Urban Cultural Narratives
Yu Homma

Tama Art University Art Archives Center
Yuri Mitsuda

Product Detail
Author Zempachi Hashimoto, Yohko Watanabe, Tomio Sugaya, Yoshiko Shimada, Harumi Nishizawa, Yu Homma, Yuri Mitsuda, Shigeru Yokota
Editing/Publishing The Japan Cultural Research Institute
Date of Issue March 1, 2022
Number of Pages 63 pages, color
Number of Copies 250

¥1,000(tax included)

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