My Thoughts on Books

My Thoughts on Books

This volume contains two essays of the same title that have appeared in the JCRI Annual Report over the past five issues, plus two additional essays. The essays focus on Tenshin Okakura's The Book of Tea and Ryusei Kishida's The Body of Beauty, and others who were heavily influenced by Western art works and books during the first half of the Meiji period, but who also reassessed Japan from a quieter perspective.

Chapter 1: Tenshin Okakura's The Book of Tea - A Deeper Look at Japan
Chapter 2: Reading Kazuo Okakura's Father Tenshin Okakura
Chapter 3: Soseki Natsume's Art Criticism
Chapter 4: Ryusei Kishida and The Body of Beauty
Chapter 5 Yukio Yashiro's The Place of Japanese Art in the World and Archives
Chapter 6: Muneyoshi Yanagi - From William Blake to Myokonin
Chapter 7: Koun and Kotaro Takamura Koun - A Bridge of Tradition

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Author Tadayasu Sakai
Publishing The Japan Cultural Research Institute
Date of Issue December 10, 2020
Number of Pages 87 panges, Monochrome
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