“Ephemera” is a term referring to the hand-written materials and printed-matters designed for short-term uses such as memoranda and exhibition tickets. Following the publication of Anthology on Archives in 2021, we asked seven experts to write their thoughts on ephemera that are critical to the constituent materials of artists’ archives and museums.

Shigeru Yokota

Ephemera as the Shadow of a Memorandum, or, When We Gaze at the Supporting Roles of Artworks and Exhibitions
Tatsuo Kawaguchi

Materials Related to the Gutai Art Association: On the Use of Ephemera
Aya Kunii

Garbage Philosophy: The Man Who Never Threw Anything Away and Archives, or Ephemera
Hitoshi Kubo

Tracing the Contours of an Era through Fragments: From the Shozo Kitadai Archive and the Tatsuo Ikeda Archive
Reiko Sato

Fluxus Edition and Machunas
Akiko Takiguchi

Ephemera and Artwork, The Point Where They Melt Together
Shimako Yamada

The Value of "Temporality": On Ephemera
Yohko Watanabe

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Authors Tatsuo Kawaguchi, Aya Kunii, Hitoshi Kubo, Reiko Sato, Akiko Takiguchi, Shimako Yamada, Yohko Watanabe, Shigeru Yokota
Publishing The Japan Cultural Research Institute
Editing The Japan Cultural Research Institute
erA Corporation
Date of Issue May 31, 2023
Number of Pages 67 pages, color
Number of Copies 300
Language Japanese

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